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Gear Cutting and Machining

LH supply precision gears, shafts and associated components to a wide range of industries. The company’s has invested significantly in machine tools and inspection equipment allowing LH to maximise our production process. The combination of a highly skilled workforce and extensive training programs ensure a first class service to new and existing customers.


Gear cutting, spiral bevel, CNC, gear grinding, machining, inspection and testing have all benefited from our on-going policy of improving output, whilst maintaining component quality and reliability.

Products and Services

  • Component Manufacture
  • All types of gears
  • Spiral Bevels
  • Castings
  • CNC Machining
  • Reverse Engineering


All components are fully inspected and tested to achieve the required standards and tolerances. LH supplies various industry sectors around the world such as Rail, Heavy Plant and Commercial Vehicle.

Applications include:

  • Prestige auto manufacturers
  • A wide range of power train components to the rail industry where product reliability is paramount.
  • Commercial transport industry
  • Off-highway and heavy plant vehicles